I walk along this path
in these hallowed woods
the earth scented with life and rot

My life is but an echo
through trees who still have hope
and leaves who cling to colour
not yet willing to join me

Dampness hangs in the air
Like a goddess’ tears
weeping for a lost love

My heart pains
and I share her sorrow
my cries carried
by Autumn’s breath

I am a shadow to the living
Who cross and bow
and beg their gods to protect them

Those who seek me out
Who are bold in speech
but short in wit
are wise if they never find me

For it is said to see me
is to lose your very soul

But I see them

Their hues of breath and laughter
daring merriment
who will leave to homes
of family and friends

Yet the beasts know
they see and speak to me
Barren branches
hold out their arms
to comfort me

But time will take them
to remind me of its passing

So, I am alone
Until the gods decide
my penance is done

and I may finally sleep

© 2022 Tina McFarlane. All Rights Reserved. Originally posted for TBM Horror Experts.