I discovered Grace and Frankie when its second season came out on Netflix. It stars Jane Fonda as Grace, Lily Tomlin as Frankie, Martin Sheen as Grace’s ex, Robert, and Sam Waterson as Frankie’s ex, Sol. Jane and Lily are also the Executive Producers for most of the episodes. The show is in its seventh and final season.

Grace and Frankie are rivals whose lives are turned upside down when their husbands, who are friends and law partners, decide to come clean and admit that they’re in love and had been for years.

The women’s rivalry had gone on for years, with Grace’s conservative, businesswoman approach to life often conflicting with Frankie’s more laid-back, bohemian lifestyle. Thrown together by their change in circumstances, their opposing personalities combine to form a wonderfully strong and often hilarious friendship.

Robert and Sol try to work with them while discovering new aspects of their own relationship. The new dynamics of their relationships are handled really well, combining the delicate balance of anger, hurt and humour. As the series progresses, everyone discovers new things about themselves and those that they love.

I also have to give props to the actors who portray their adult children, who each have their own quirks and must try to understand what has happened. They easily hold their own with these four Hollywood icons.

The humour from the show comes from some of the crazy situations that Grace, Frankie, and the others find themselves in and how everyone else reacts. However, as the laughs roll in, we begin to learn more about each of them. As a result, you care about them, warts and all. One of the biggest takeaways that I find in the show is its heart. It deals with topics such as; feminism, ageism, queer lifestyle, and addiction, with respect, showing that they are all just a part of this crazy ride that we call life.

In short, it’s one of those shows that just makes you smile. 😊

You can watch the show on Netflix, or find previous seasons at your local library.