Hi guys! Here is the flash fiction piece that I came up with from


“Who knew a tea cosy could be so deadly?”


Mrs. Harrison hummed a tune as she cleaned the stain off the tea cozy. It’s patchwork of bright colours complemented the bright yellows and blues of her country kitchen. She prided herself on a spotless home and having this stain on her favourite cozy simply would not do. A bouquet of fresh lilies from her garden sat on the table, and her home already felt brighter. The bone-white teapot had been thoroughly washed, though she was disappointed that her husband had dropped one of its matching teacups when he collapsed. Oh well, at least she was able to wash out the bloodstain on the tablecloth.
At the sound of the doorbell, she gave her eyes a hard rub, put on her saddest face, and opened the door to the handsome, young detective. She thought that he had the loveliest smile.
“Sorry for your loss, Mrs. Harrison. May I come in?”

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