Your kiss upon my lips
holds broken promises

Your tenderness lies
a trick of the body and the mind

I listen to your heart
I feel it beating
to the sound of another

If only I could make it
play for me instead

But that was before

Before I let my melody change
and let my notes
be played
by his hands, his lips

And you knew

You could feel
the change in tempo

If I could rewrite this piece
If I could make our music
once more

But our song has ended
I am to blame

And with this final note
we take our bow

© 2021 Tina McFarlane. All Rights Reserved.

I’m happy to announce that one of my poems has been accepted for an online publication (details to follow, it’s one that has published my work before), and I’m waiting to hear back from one more. At this point, I’m going to focus on creating new work for my collection and as always, TBM Horror Experts. The collection will primarily be original poems and short stories with a few favourite TBM pieces.

I spent yesterday looking at theme ideas, pulling and organizing some completed/incompleted works, and creating prompts/ideas. This is starting to get real now.

We’ve been binge-watching Supernatural (we never watched the whole series) and this song has been playing in my head, so I thought that I’d share. Enjoy!

courtesy of YouTube

Have a great weekend!